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The world can be a dangerous place to navigate, but with Roebuck's diverse approach to survival education, you'll be ready for anything. We offer the best information about the widest number of techniques, crafts and strategies, all delivered in easy-to-follow and regularly updated modules.




Urban Survival

Survivor Mentality


Be ready for anything with Roebuck

Starting with simple bushcraft skills, Roebuck takes you on a journey across the survival landscape - from building wilderness shelters and establishing communities, to emergency first aid, and delivering a baby. Module quizzes help you commit the knowledge to memory, so when crisis happens in life, you'll be confident and self-assured.


From novice to grizzled survivor, step by step

Who doesn't want a great big bushy beard? 

Level up your survivor by climbing the mountain of adversity and planting your flag triumphantly on the peak- only the brave dare to greatness, so how far will you advance to prepare yourself for the worst?

Bonfire in Sand

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